What Does Peace by Piece provide?

Workforce Development

Workforce Re-integration

Job Placement

Case Management

Transitional Housing

Re-entry services

Peer to Peer mentoring

Access to additional social services

At Peace by Piece, we provide the support and tools to help individuals re-enter into society and ultimately actualize their full human potential. Through a dignified Trauma Informed Care approach and utilizing personality and career assessment data while engaging men and women with real life coaching and opportunities for growth and advancement we mobilize a movement of healing and positive growth that is aimed at transforming lives.


Through assessment and intervention we empower our participants while creating a safe and supportive environment where they know they can rely upon a team they can trust. Employing evidence based practices and adapting our programming to meet the needs of an ever changing population, we help inspire intrinsic motivation and utilize a very unique, incentive based model of group accountability and an “each one, teach one” approach.


We build our capacity through strategic partnerships and a continuum of care that allows us to expand upon our service model as we seek to assist in rebuilding the lives of our participants and enhancing their family life, professional career, social circle.